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Soft Yellow Foam Earplugs (5 pairs)

Keyring with a little djembe attached

Soft yellow foam earplugs, round ends, not corded
From £1.99
Pack of 10 3M foam earplugs with cord
From £2.99

Classic Black plastic ref's whistle - also great for drumming and samba bands for it's strong sound

RRP £4.75
Save £0.80

Brass ankle or leg-bells on a soft cotton braided rope


Sling strap for one shoulder


Constructed from galvanised steel, Kessing Kessing rattles attach snugly to the Djembe ropes and add grainy, jingly tones to the basic drum sounds and encourage the player to incorporate them in novel ways


Kessing (kesse) rattle for djembe. Handmade in Mali (only order one - no more stock)


Kessing Kessing djembe jingle rings - sold singly

From £11.95

Simple Padded Cotton Djembe Strap 4.4m in plain black


Multi-purpose drum strap that takes the weight of your drum on both shoulders for comfortable playing whilst standing. Adjustable and available in various colours


Padded cotton waist belt with 2 open hooks


Simple Padded Cotton Djembe Strap 4.4m


Padded double shoulder drum strap


Padded, adjustable drum strap harness


Traditional Karignan metal scraper/percussion instrument from Mali


Deluxe padded multi instrument drum strap


The Meinl STDJST Lightweight Collapsible Djembe stand is ideal for festival use or for occasional gigs.


A multi-function waist belt strap for drummers that can be used with many African and Brazilian drums using the strong open metal hooks and side straps


Meinl Professional Djembe Strap


Beautiful necklace with an African Silver Djembe and chain. Handmade in Mali, West Africa

RRP £44.95
Save £5.00

Adjustable djembe stand for playing whilst seated