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Mini Harmonica Key of C

Colourful Harmonica


Jambone Blues Harmonica


The Clarke 10 hole blues harmonica comes in the key of ‘C’, it features brass and silver alloy reeds, on 0.1mm brass plates and with an 8mm premium ABS comb. The covers are of 0.4mm stainless steel with an electro plated gold finish with fancy engraving.
All this combines to provide a quality harmonica with a great sound and unbeatable value. Each Harmonica is attractively gift packaged in a tube with a history and information sheet. Cleaning cloth also included


In every available key from A - G

  • Blues harmonicas generally have 10 holes with one reed per note made to allow the note to bend
  • Tremolo harmonicas have two reeds per note usually with 24 double holes
  • The chromatic harmonica has a slider to give semitones