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Single Egg Shaker


Egg shakers with wrist strap (pair)


Unusual shaker with a small Kenari seed nuts attached to a large hollow Elephant-nut shell, giving a mixture of high and low sounds

From £2.95

Pair of Long Handle Egg Maracas


Small djembe shaped shaker with skin top. The sound can be changed by varying the pressure on the head


LP Glow in the Dark Egg Shakers (Pair)


Seed pod shaker from West Africa - single ended version


Skull shaped, bead filled, maraca shakers in various colours


Carved Gourd Maraca from Peru


Chekere shakers

From £4.95

LP mini shaker


These amazing little shakers have flexible membranes at each end which articulate the sound when pressed in

From £4.95

Meinl Loop Shaker


These are super looking, hand painted cass cass in bright colours.You shake them and knock them against each other. A traditional W African instrument made in Bali.


Meinl UFO Shaker


Hand Shaker made with 2 Juju Beans on a small stick - they work singly but are best played in pairs


Hand-made basket rattle with a bell inside


PP3222 Mini wood guiro and shaker combination


A beautiful cylindrical shaker in rubberwood with bead filling - 20cm

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RRP £7.95
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  • Shaken percussion is one of the most diverse groups of instruments there is
  • Traditional shakers are often made of seeds, nuts or pods
  • More high tech products involve wooden or metal oblongs and cylinders
  • All provide that subtle rhythmic support for your ensemble
  • See also the maracas section