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Waltons bodhran skin conditioning cream

Thicker, 22" white Calf vellum - hairless vellum skin. Good for Bodhrans, frame drums etc up to 18"

Irish Bodhran Drum with Hardwood Body and free bag

From £24.95

Rosewood Bodhran drum with fine brass inlay, free bag and beater

From £49.00

Beautifully crafted wooden bodhran drum with plain goatskin head. Bag and beater included. Can be tuned internally using the allen key provided. No back crosspiece.


16inch Tunable Bodhran with Rosewood Body and free bag


18inch Waltons Bodhran Celtic Animal Design with beater bag and CD


18inch Waltons Bodhran CladdaghDesign with beater bag and CD


18inch Tunable Bodhran with Brass inlay and free bag


Fabulous tunable deep shell bodhran from Meinl

Allow 7-10 days for delivery

    Product Features
  • Outer edge of the shell is rounded with a bearing edge for rim playing
  • The inner ring is handcrafted from multi layer hardwood
  • Custom Tuning Lugs are machined from aircraft grade metal, coated in a black powder coated finish and fastened with black machine screws.

Allow 5-7 days for dispatch

  • The Bodhran is the traditional Irish Drum
  • Consisting of a round wooden frame, with an animal skin stretched over it, the bodhrán (pronounced bow-rahn) is the heartbeat of Irish traditional music..
  • With practice you can produce a whole range of intricate rhythms to support and enliven the music
  • We have instruments from Glenluce, Belgarth and Waltons, some plain and some decorated with vivid celtic designs so that your instrument can be a work of art as well as an instrument