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Waltons bodhran skin conditioning cream
Thicker, 22" white Calf vellum - hairless vellum skin. Good for Bodhrans, frame drums etc up to 18"

Irish Bodhran Drum with Hardwood Body and free bag

From £24.95

Rosewood Bodhran drum with fine brass inlay, free bag and beater

From £49.00

18inch Tunable Bodhran with Brass inlay and free bag

RRP £74.95
Save £10.00

Fabulous tunable deep shell bodhran from Meinl

  • The Bodhran is the traditional Irish Drum
  • Consisting of a round wooden frame, with an animal skin stretched over it, the bodhrán (pronounced bow-rahn) is the heartbeat of Irish traditional music..
  • With practice you can produce a whole range of intricate rhythms to support and enliven the music
  • We have instruments from Glenluce, Belgarth and Waltons, some plain and some decorated with vivid celtic designs so that your instrument can be a work of art as well as an instrument