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A great medium weight fabric headed mallet for many percussion uses


Wound Mallets for Bass and Alto xylophone


Percussion Plus PP074 Timpani Mallets with soft head


Padded, quilted carry bag (9cm deep) for Frame Drums and Shamanic Drums in 5 sizes between 14" and 22" diameter

From £15.95

Wooden mallet with foam head and soft black cover

From £15.95

Goat skin (unshaved)
(Various colours)


Strong padded carry bag for frame drums with grab handle and shoulder strap, available in 6 sizes for 14 to 24 inch drums, up to 4 inches depth

From £21.95

Medium 12" (30cm) Shamanic drum with wood body and goat skin head

RRP £39.00
Save £9.05

Medium Painted Shamanic Drum with 12" diameter


Remo Buffalo drums - Shamanic style sweat lodge drums

From £34.95

Natural, Shamanic style, Sweat Lodge Drums

From £35.95

Shamanic Tribe Drums in three sizes. Octagonal wood body with an un-decorated goat skin head

From £36.95

Natural, Shamanic style, Sweat Lodge Drums with vivid batik decoration

From £37.95

Shamanic Tribe Drums in three sizes - Octagonal wood body with a decorated goatskin head

From £37.95

Self build kit for you to make your own Shamanic Frame Drum in one of three sizes - 14, 15 or 16" diameter


Large Shaman Drum 16" diameter with goat vellum head


Large Painted Shamanic Drum 40cm (16") diameter


Natural shamanic style sweat lodge frame drums

From £49.95

Extra Large Shaman Drum 18" 45cm diameter with goat vellum head and wood body

RRP £63.50
Save £13.55

Deluxe bag for a shaman drum or frame drum. If you love your precious drum, you'll want this bag!

From £51.95

Multi-player Circular Gathering Drum

From £59.00

Very well padded quality frame drum bag with extra depth for deeper drums. Adjustable shoulder strap, carry handle and quality zip


The frame drum is one of the most ancient musical instruments, reputed to be the first drum invented. Traditionally played in spiritual ceremonies. These beautifully made oval drums come with a carry bag and leather ended beater

From £59.00

Wooden, goat skinned shaman drum with cross handle, bag and leather beater

From £59.95

We use the term 'ritual' here in a loose sense to describe drums which are often in the context of a celeberation, ceremony or spiritual journey. They can include Native American style Buffalo drums, and others variously described as Shaman drums, Shamanic drums, Tribe drums, Gathering drums, Sweat lodge drums and Thunder drums.
Drums such as these are often skinned with natural hide, but Remo Buffalo drums have synthetic skins which do not 'sag' in wet weather or in steamy sweat lodge conditions.
They are also perfectly suited for more mundane musical purposes!