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From £2.35

Wild Animal Groan Tube toy with a plastic animal head topper


Strong, flexible tube which produces different overtones as you whirl it faster and faster through the air (price is for one tube)


Tone Block with 4 wooden balls


Animal Noise Toy - Dog, Cow, or Cockerell


Jingle bell for babies (various colours)


Pair of lightweight Claves (percussion sticks) 19cm length with Susibelle design


Double colourful drum with wooden handle


Rain Sound Stick filled with plastic beads that make the sound of rain as they tumble


Hand-made basket rattle with a bell inside


Sleigh bells on a handle


The Mini Rainbomaker is a real, durable musical instrument which recreates the soft sound of falling rain. By turning the Rainbomaker, baby will be able to watch as the colourful beads cascade through the tube, creating fascinating sounds and visual effect that will delight young children. The Mini Rainbomaker is strong, durable and comfortable for little hands to hold. Suitable from 6 months +


Rain Stick for Children


Simple but effective small size wave drum or ocean drum


Synthetic rainstick toy

From £11.95

PP4019 12"Fish Design Wave Drum or Ocean Drum


Small Vibratones or Wah-wah tubes, 15-23cm
Set of five tuned FGACD

  • A huge selection of sound making toys and instruments
  • Bells, shakers, castanets and jingles, rainmakers, wave drums and musical boxes, bike horns and bike bells  and all kinds of sound effects and musical delights guaranteed to bring a smile to your child