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From £2.35

Strong, flexible tube which produces different overtones as you whirl it faster and faster through the air (price is for one tube)


Tone Block with 4 wooden balls


Children will be fascinated by this bell shaker, which has an easy grip for small hands.  Approximately 11.5cm.  Suitable from ages 3 months +


Small plastic bird that sings and tweets when placed in your palm


Pair of lightweight Claves (percussion sticks) 19cm length with Susibelle design


Double colourful drum with wooden handle


Hand-made basket rattle with a bell inside


Handbells. 9 bells with a wooden handle


Rain Stick for Children


Sleigh bells on a handle


Simple but effective small size wave drum or ocean drum


Ages: 24 months+


Synthetic rainstick toy

From £11.95

PP4019 12"Fish Design Wave Drum or Ocean Drum


Made of birch wood, the NINO® Wood Rainmaker mimics the sound of a rainstorm by simply tipping either end of the instrument, allowing the filling inside to trickle down and create a rushing rain sound. This Rainmaker has rounded corners for safe use and is lightweight for children to handle easily.


Small Vibratones or Wah-wah tubes, 15-23cm
Set of five tuned FGACD

  • A huge selection of sound making toys and instruments
  • Bells, shakers, castanets and jingles, rainmakers, wave drums and musical boxes, bike horns and bike bells  and all kinds of sound effects and musical delights guaranteed to bring a smile to your child