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Off-cuts and short roll ends of good quality djembe rope - please contact us with your requirements
Black Kambala style djembe tuning rope
From £0.89

Professional Grade Pre-Stretched 5mm braided djembe rope with blue fleck. Price is per metre


Professional Grade Pre-Stretched 5mm braided djembe rope. Black with white and red fleck. Price is per metre

Single hand Power Grip or Cleat Grip

Spare tuning lug for Toca mechanically tuned djembes from the Freestyle range


For Toca Freestyle mechanically tuned djembes

From £12.95

Goat skin vellum for drums & banjos. Smooth white thin vellum of Goat skin.

From £13.95

For Toca Freestyle rope tuned djembes

From £16.95

Synthetic Head for Toca Freestyle II rope tuned djembe

From £19.95

Full size shaved goat skin for djembe repairs


For Toca Freestyle II (synthetic head) mechanically tuned djembes

From £29.95

Replacement head for Toca Flex Drum

From £31.95

Replacement Remo djembe heads (Fibreskyn) for key tuned djembes

From £64.00