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Hickory Timbale Sticks, 40cm x 12mm (16 x 3/8")
RRP £4.99
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Meinl Headliner Conga tuning lugs


Toca Elite / Players Conga tuning lugs - Sold singly (different congas need 5 or 6 lugs)
Includes washer, nut and rubber cap


Pair of LP Hickory Timbale Sticks 13" x 0.5"


Padded carry bag for Bongo Drums with adjustable shoulder strap and grab handle


Flat Cow hide(macho)


Bongo head for Pearl Primero Fibreglass models


Bongo Cajon DIY Construction Kit. ONE ONLY AT THIS PRICE


Head for LP Aspire Bongos

From £23.95

Flat cow hide to reskin bongos


Padded carry bag for Bongo Drums with removable, adjustable shoulder strap and grab handle

RRP £34.95
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Mounted rawhide bongo heads available in 4 sizes. These high quality cowskin bongo heads are specially made to fit higher quality LP bongos such as Generation II and III

From £28.95
Bongo head for Pearl Elite Fibreglass
Weatherproof synthetic Bongo Head

Piece of flat hide for re-lapping congas

From £32.95

The Remo Rhythm Club Bongo Set is a fun, colourful and durable product from the Remo Rhythm Club range. Utilizing an acousticon (weather resilient) shell and a Remo Renaissance head the Rhythm Club Bongos gives a professional and authentic sound without the hefty price tag. Whether being used in a school or at home the molded blue rubber feet provide a sturdy sound projecting base. Requiring no prior music experience the Remo Rhythm Club Bongo Set is an easy to play instrument that gives children a chance to learn the basics of rhythm in a fun and safe manner


All wood, cajon-style bongos


Pearl Primero Quinto Head, 11 inch


Snare Bongo Cajon

RRP £60.00
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LP Rawhide Conga Heads for LP congas
From £49.00
Thickly padded rucksack style conga bag with padded shoulder straps

A unique lightweight x-shaped cajon with two contrasting playing surfaces giving the option of either a snare sound or a drier sound (Allow 5-7 days for delivery)


Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, the MEINL VivaRhythm® Boom Series Conga produces cutting tones and a sharp attack with its pre-tuned synthetic head. The lightweight synthetic shell is shaped to produce a rich, resonant beat that projects in any setting. Provide the heartbeat for jam sessions or join in with drum circles anywhere. Stackable with all three MEINL VivaRhythm® Conga sizes for easy storage and transportation.

Delivery time 5 - 7 days

Option : reinforced bag with heavy duty straps able to fit all three congas

From £62.50
  • The surge in popularity in recent years of Cuban music has brought a new interest in the roots of the Latin sound
  • This music seems to know no boundaries, with influences from Africa and indigenous South America
  • It's been re-exported to Africa as one of the ingredients of soukous, and followed migrants to New York to become the roots of salsa and then an essential element of rock and pop
  • With the global economy many congas, bongos and timbales are now made (very well) in Thailand, bearing brand names such as Meinl, Latin Percussion, Toca, Pearl or Stagg
  • Smaller producers in Europe such as Schlagwerk continue to innovate with a finely crafted range of wooden cajons, yambu drums, udus and hand percussion
  • These are exciting times for the Latin percussionist
  • Prolong the life of your instrument with a protective padded bag
  • Add a stands designed for comfortable playing on stage
  • Check our selection of Latin tuition books and DVDs