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Djembes, Synthetic Body

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Meinl Travel series synthetic djembe

Meinl Mechanically Tuned Travel Series Djembes, Synthetic Head (size options)

The new MEINL Travel Series Mechanical Tuned Djembes are great drums for professionals as well as those who just want to enjoy an afternoon playing at home or with a drum circle. These patented djembes are ultra-lightweight which makes them easy to carry. The combination of a synthetic head and shell produces sharp slaps along with deep bass tones and makes them the perfect drum for outdoor use since they are unaffected by changes in weather. Utilize the mechanical tuning system to easily alter the pitch, even while playing.

  • Range of synthetic bodied djembes from selected brands such as Remo and Toca
  • Bodies may be fibreglass, ABS, or Acousticon
  • Synthetic bodies are often lighter than wood
  • Tuning can be mechanical (spanner, drum-key), or traditional rope
  • Mechanical tuning is simpler and faster than rope tuning
  • Great for festivals and jamming
  • Also good for kids as prices are lower
  • Some drums also have tough synthetic heads for stable tuning, and are great for vegetarians

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