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Violin / Mandolin Pitch Pipes
Blue Moon F Hole Mandolin (allow 5-7 days for delivery)
RRP £99.00
Save £10.00

Tanglewood flatback mandolin with F holes

RRP £99.95
Save £10.00

Ashbury AM-10E Electric Acoustic Mandolin

RRP £239.00
Save £23.05

Ashbury Standard Mandolin

RRP £439.00
Save £44.05
Ashbury Deluxe Mandolin with all solid woods and wide neck
RRP £659.00
Save £65.05
  • Traditionally made with a rounded bowl back, most modern madolins have either a flat or arched top and back
  • There are four pairs of strings tuned in octaves to GDAE
  • We have instruments from Ozark, Ashbury, Blue Moon and Antonio Carvalho