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Spare eye bolt assembly for cowbells and mounted percussion - fits most brands

Wooden Temple blocks from Vietnam

From £9.95
Cowbell Mounting Bracket for Bass Drums
LP Steel Jingle Kick

Twin plate mountable flat style Kenkeni Bell

The new MEINL Turbo Crasher will be a must for drummers and percussionists of all genres who want to add a different colour to their set up. This percussion accessory can be placed on any rod and will give you a nice short crashing sound

Twin plate mountable flat style Sangban Bell

Latin Percussion Blast Block
From £18.95
Tambourine, Mountable Half Moon by Stagg

Latin Percussion Jam Blocks

From £21.95
Easily attaches to all LP Vibra-Slap models. Newly re-designed mount. Allows musician to use hand or stick to play. Fits 3/8” diameter rods. Patent Pending

Twin plate mountable flat style Dundun Bell

LP Cyclops mountable (steel jingles)
Meinl Pedal Mount which fits on all common bass drum pedals. Holds blocks, cowbells or tambourines.

Pearl Cata (Allow 5-7 days for delivery)

Tiny metal snare drum is only 6" diameter, with on/off snare mechanism - easily mounts to vertical milled rod

Gewa Synthetic percussion blocks- set of 5. Similar to LP Granite blocks

  • Mounting percussion and add-ons
  • Great choice for the kit player or percussionist