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  • The piano accordion is a free reed instrument with a keyboard and is particularly popular on mainland Europe and in Scotland
  • It obviously appeals to those who already have a knowledge of a piano keyboard
  • The size of the instrument is usually indicated by the number of bass buttons
  • These are arranged in rows of 6 buttons for each key: counter bass, bass, then major chord, minor, seventh, and diminished
  • A 120 bass with 41 treble keys is the full size model, and the bass end offers a chromatic scale, and all the chords, arranged in 6 rows of 20
  • A 72 bass has a 34 note keyboard, but retains the 6 row bass
  • The most popular size for beginners is the 48 bass, usually with 6 rows of 8, allowing accompaniment in the keys of Bb, F, C, G, D, & A.
  • The treble keyboard on the 48, 32, and 12 bass models usually has 26 keys, enough for most tune