Product code: Space08
This 8 note Spacedrum is an A minor scale melodic percussion instrument in metal. It's part of the new family of instruments known as "Handpans" (Hang©, Bells, Halo...).

Product overview

  • We've admired these fabulous French made Space Drums for years and now have access to a limited amount of stock.
  • With its slightly smaller diameter and fluid shape, the 8 notes Spacedrum is very easy to handle and was designed to be suitable for most people (including children)
  • Thanks to a long period of research & development work in partnership with an engineering high school they have released the 4th generation Spacedrum, made out of a special stainless alloy
  • The properties of this special alloy are particularly adapted for outdoor playing Totally rustproof, even in extreme climates (sea shores, tropics...) and hard enough to keep in tune for years (in normal conditions of use)
  • In addition the Spacedrum Evolution (4th gen) produces more sustain and more sound volume while respecting the  original Spacedrum sound
  • This instrument needs to be protected when it's not played. The bags are specially designed to provide this protection
  • You can play alone, or with someone else, with the instrument on your knees or on a stand. You can even turn it over and play with the sound-hole in a "Udu style".
    The Spacedrum can be rubbed with the palm, beaten with sticks (specially designed) or simply touched by your fingers. It gives you a total freedom in terms of playing technique.
  • Scale: Pentatonic Central note A, then B, C, D, E, F, G, G, A
  • Technical specifications:
    Material: Special stainless alloy
    Diameter: 21.6 in
    Weight: 5.4 kg (11.9 lb)
    Number of notes: 8
    Damper: removable rubber joint that reduces harmonics and sustain...
    Surface treatment: thermal
  • Includes padded protective bag