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Plectrum for Sitar (Set of 5)

Strong padded bag for Balalaika


Portuguese Braguinha (allow 5-7 days for delivery)

RRP £135.00
Save £16.00

Traditional Bolon from Mali, West Africa

RRP £249.95
Save £64.95

Viola Braguesa (allow 5-7 days for delivery)

RRP £259.00
Save £30.00

6 string Cuban Tres with Solid Cedar Top - beautifully hand-made in Portugal

Allow 5-7 days for dispatch

RRP £279.00
Save £30.00

Chinese Gu-Zheng Zither (allow 5-7 days for delivery)

RRP £399.00
Save £60.00

Blue Moon Eight Course Lute (allow 5-7 days for delivery)

RRP £629.00
Save £79.00
  • A selection of more unusual stringed instruments from around the world
  • The Oud and Saz are the premier instruments of the Arab world
  • The Cuatro, Cavaquinho and Tres are popular across Latin America
  • The Balalaika is a large family of instruments from a Russian background which come in many sizes
  • Bandurrias and Lauds are traditional in Spain, and roughly correspond to the Italian mandolin and mandola
  • We also offer Indian, Chinese, and other World Strings