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Play your Ocarina Book 4 - Finishing Touches
RRP £4.74
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Music History and Culture from around the world with intermediate piano arragements.

RRP £9.95
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Dance and songs of the Chuxiong Yi

RRP £15.95
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Mbira Dreams by Erica Kundidzora Azim

A fascinating survey - Profusely illustrated with both black and white and colour photos, this volume was originally produced to accompany an exhibition at the Horniman museum in London, so if you don't know your Tulum from your Tsambouna this could be the book for you!
Softcover 100pp

RRP £20.86
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Percussion Instruments Wallcharts


Woodwind Instruments Wallcharts


Stringed Instruments Wallcharts

Whack Tracks Audio CD - The Boomwhackers Sessions
RRP £15.99
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Tanglewood 'Speedbar' fast action capo

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Tube Time, Volume 1 Book/CD

The Spirit of Gospel DVD

RRP £16.95
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Book and CD of Thai childrens songs, games and customs,

RRP £18.95
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Italian Children's songs book and CD

RRP £21.99
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RRP £24.95
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Pandit Shankar Ghosh presents the different strokes (boles) that will allow you to play the tabla

RRP £29.95
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21 children's songs and rhymes from Japan.
Book and CD

RRP £22.95
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Small Timba Bag for 10" x 50cm drum

RRP £49.95
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Fabulous 6 note glockenspiel (Allow 3-5 days for delivery)

RRP £78.95
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Professional Eucalyptus Didgeridoo Burnt/Carved 124cm in D with burned / carved turtle decoration

RRP £299.95
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Professional Eucalyptus Didgeridoo Burnt/Carved 124cm in C#
RRP £299.95
Save £150.95

Electric Guitar Starter Pack with guitar, amp, cable, carry bag, guitar stand, tuner and picks

RRP £189.95
Save £40.00
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